The HippieTechs Service Philosophy

We believe as a business you decide what you focus on when you provide services professionally. For most of the shops I have observed over the years, the focus seems to have been on increasing profits. We have chosen to focus on quality, turnaround time, and making our services affordable… we believe profits will come from constantly pursuing those goals.

Repair Quality

First and foremost our focus is on providing quality repairs and service. Steve Jobs told how his father impressed upon him the importance of doing a quality job, even if the quality parts and work would not be seen. He told the story of being told to paint the back of the fence just as well as the front. That is the mindset we have at HippieTechs; even if you can’t see the screws holding down the logic board inside your computer, we are still going to make sure they are all there and seated properly. We take the time needed to complete the repair with quality workmanship. We are proud of the work we produce and the fact that it is evidenced by our 5 star ratings on Google and Yelp.

Quality Parts

We understand a huge part of repair quality is the quality of the parts used during the repair. After more than 10 years in the business of fixing Macs we have been able to find, and develop relationships with, the best vendors in the business. We also have firsthand knowledge of what brands have a higher quality product when Apple is not the manufacturer (such as hard drives and RAM). By spending the time sourcing quality parts from great vendors we are able to provide a 90 day warranty for all our Mac repairs.


We believe communication is a huge aspect of overall quality. We know how it feels to go in for a repair for your car, computer, phone, etc and not hear anything back when you were told you would. Getting so curious about the status of the repair that you have to call to ask what the status is. We provide thorough communication throughout the repair process so you are always kept up to date. We use a state of the art system that allows us to easily email you updates as we progress through your repair. We can even send text updates if you prefer them. We make every attempt to answer the phone when it rings. Sometimes we are not able to answer the phone when with another client, or onsite performing a repair at a clients home or office. If you leave us a voicemail we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Turnaround Time

We understand how your computer is a necessary tool in your daily life. Many of us use our computers to make a living, or at the very least use our computers for daily tasks. Being without your computer can cause your productivity to decrease (or in some cases increase I suppose)… Our goal is to get your computer back to you as quickly as possible. We stock many parts to provide the fastest turnaround time possible. Even our free diagnosis is fast with an average turnaround of just 4 hours and a maximum turnaround of 24 hours. Almost all our repairs are completed within hours of receiving your computer (if the parts are in stock). Some repairs are even completed while you wait (like adware removal and some other software based fixes).


While we offer high quality service and a fast turnaround time, we still maintain an affordable price point for our clients. We believe in charging a fair amount for the services rendered and use our skill to find ways of repairing issues for less than our competitors. A perfect example of this is our MacBook Air LCD only replacement service. Many of our competitors only offer an entire display assembly replacement for the MacBook Air which costs several hundred dollars more than our (more difficult) LCD only repair service. Another example is the way we approach liquid damage repairs. Most shops will quote a flat rate around $800-1200 for a Mac that has been liquid damaged. We offer component level repair for liquid damaged Macs making the repair price be between $100-500 in most cases (we always start with a free diagnosis so we can let you know what the total will be).

We believe we will continue to grow in Boise by focusing our energy towards providing an excellent experience for our clients.