Mac Repair

Bring your computer to us in our Downtown Boise location for your free diagnosis. Easily make an appointment below or give us a call and we can help you get an appointment setup over the phone! Why an appointment for the free diagnosis? Well, we also offer services onsite at your home or business, so by having an appointment you guarantee that we will be at the shop when you come to drop-off and not out at a clients location.

No appointment necessary
Quick Drop-off It is super easy to make an appointment using the red appointment button on the left. Our free diagnosis checkin process takes about 5 minutes, so you will be in and out really quick. The free diagnosis can sometimes be completed while you wait, but usually takes a few hours to get to the bottom of what is ailing your Mac.

Quick mac diagnosis
Quick diagnosis and repair of your Mac. Our diagnosis is normally completed within a few hours of receiving your computer. Many times our diagnosis is done while you wait! We keep a lot of parts in stock which allows us to offer unparalleled turnaround times for our Mac repair services. We try our best to keep Solid State Drives, Batteries, Mac Notebook Keyboards, and Mac screen components in stock for fast repairs.

Mail-in Mac Services
Remote and Mail-in service available. If you are outside of the Boise area and too far away to drop off your computer for service, we offer many of our services through our mail-in or remote service. Just give us a call or contact us via chat for more information and to setup a mail-in repair.

Our Specialities

We have been repairing Macs for over 12 years. After that much experience you accumulate some specialties on the way. Our focus has always been component level repair rather than module repair. This means we only replace the parts that are broken, not the entire assembly that the broken parts are in. This allows us to provide service at a fraction of the cost of other shops!

Cracked Screen Repair

Screen Repair

If your Mac has a cracked or broken screen, you have come to the right place! Mac Screen Repair is our speciality and we complete difficult component level repair on MacBook Air’s and MacBook Pro’s. Here is a link to our screen repair price list. We do our best to keep most screens in stock for same day or next day turnaround on Mac screen repairs.

Liquid Damage Drop

Liquid Damage

Accidents happen, and if moisture came into contact with your Mac the most important thing is to stop using it and unplug the battery. Then bring it to a shop that can check if the liquid came into contact with the logic board and clean any corrosion that is present. We offer a free diagnosis of liquid damaged computers as well as professional ultrasonic logic board cleaning services for those times where the liquid did reach the logic board.. learn more

Logic board repair services

Logic board repair

Logic boards are usually the most expensive component in a Mac computer. When a logic board fails it can be from age, a drop, liquid damage, or something else. Whatever the reason for your logic board woes, we offer repair services that can help! Our flat rate fee of $249 is only charged if our repair is successful. If we are not successful in repairing the logic board, there is no charge for the attempt.

Battery Replacement Service

Battery replacements

If your computer’s battery is not lasting as long as it used to, you may need a new battery! We always start with our free diagnosis to verify if the battery is failing/failed or if the computer has another issue like a software issue that is eating up battery juice. Once we verify the issue, we can offer repairs for whatever ails your Mac.

Hard drive replacement

Hard drive replacement

All hard drives fail eventually. Even the new SSD drives will fail on a long enough timeline. If your drive has failed. or is starting to fail, we can replace it and offer data recovery services to get the data off of it as well. If your computer is running slow and you are looking for a speed increase, we could swap out our standard hard drive with an SSD for a very noticeable increase in speed!

Mac Malware Removal

Malware removal

Our adware removal service is $29. There was a time when you could surf the web on the Mac and download questionable files and not have to worry as almost all the adware was created for PC’s. That time is over. We have seen a major uptick in adware installed in Macs over the last couple years. If you are receiving constant ads or redirects while browsing, we can remove any adware present in your Mac. Normally within an hour of drop-off!

Mac Upgrades


If you are looking to get some more life out of your Mac and need to speed it up, we have options! We offer SSD upgrades, RAM upgrades, software tuneups, and more! We like to start with our free diagnosis so we can verify the slowness isn’t being caused by a failing component or software issue. Then we provide you with all the options to speed up your Mac.

Onsite Mac Service

Onsite Mac Repair

If you need help with your Mac at your home or office, we can come to you! Our onsite service is $100 an hour with a 1 hour minimum. We also offer remote support at $25 per 15 minutes. You can schedule an appointment using the red appointment button on the left, or give us a call to setup an appointment. read more

Business IT Services

Business IT

If you are Mac based business in need of an IT person, give us a call to setup a free site survey. We will come out to your business and see what equipment you are currently using and discuss the challenges you need help with. If we are a good fit, we will discuss service levels and find an option that works for your business.

Fast, Quality, Affordable

We try really hard to keep our services the best in the business to make your choice of where to bring your computer an easy one. We do this by completing repairs as quickly as possible, using quality parts, and keeping our prices affordable. Bring your Mac in for our free diagnosis and let us show you how awesome Mac repair can be!