MacBook Air LCD Repair

MacBook with cracked LCD

MacBook Air LCD Repair

MacBook Airs have one of the more fragile displays that Apple has designed. The thin LCD panel coupled with the thin display housing makes bending more possible which in turn can crack the display. This MacBook Air was not bent as it obviously has impact points on the display from a hit, but in general the MacBook Air does have a more fragile display than other Apple portable notebooks.

Replacing just the LCD panel

Apple designed the MacBook Air display assembly to be replaced as a single part. Most repair shops will replace the display assembly rather than taking it apart and replacing just the broken component. HippieTechs is one of the few shops nationwide that offers LCD only replacement.

LCD replacement process

In order to replace just the LCD panel, the metal bezel that surrounds the screen and helps hold the components into the assembly must be removed. The bezel is the piece that says “MacBook Air” along the bottom. Once the bezel is removed, the LCD panel has to be removed next. The LCD panel is attached with double sided tape that is very strong. Under the LCD is a series of diffuser sheets that are very easy to scratch so extreme care is necessary to remove the LCD panel without damaging those sheets.

Once the LCD has been removed, new adhesive is applied and the new LCD is installed. The bezel is re-attached and you have a fully working display again for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire display assembly.

Turnaround time

While the LCD only replacement on MacBook Airs is a time intensive process, we are able to complete it within 24 hours of receiving your computer. This allows you to get your computer back as quickly as possible.

What if you are outside of Boise?

While we are located in Downtown Boise, we do offer the repair nationwide through our mail-in repair service. We can also recommend another shop in Los Angeles called “MacScreenRepair”. They offer screen repair services for the entire Mac line and do great work. Learn more about their Mac screen repair services.


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